Senpai & Kouhai

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i don’t know why everyone makes the grim reaper out to be a bad guy i mean he’s just taking to you to the afterlife it’s not like he killed you it’s actually quite nice of him to walk you there imagine if you had to go alone

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I’m done with abs. I know what abs look like. I’ve seen plenty. Plenty of arms too. Bring on the thighs. I want bare thighs. I’m bored. Bring me male idols in booty shorts and skin tight leggings. Free the thighs. Free them.

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uh yeah i’m a pretty big history buff *picks up rock* this has probably been here for a long time. *touches ground* old people once stood on this ground. maybe even dinosaurs

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people who think a zombie apocalypse would be cool


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"Don't you want to act, Senpai?"
"Well, we have her, so I like just watching from here."
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People who notice everything but remain silent are to be feared.

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People who buy a book, read the book, and then go out and buy another book are people I admire because I buy 12 books at once and 11 of them usually sit there unread for years.

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